Screenshot of Google Earth showing the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City

RichieMaps is a attempt to create map data of places I have been to around the world. What I have currently have is a KML file which can be used with Google Maps and Google Earth.

About the Map data

The map data was created by various searches on google maps. google earth and wikipedia. For some places I was able to find the place that the picture was taken very accurately these places are:

On Google Earth these places have a green icon.

Google Maps

Just use the following link to view the KML file on Google Maps:

RichieMaps on google Maps

Google Earth

For Google Earth you will first need to download it if you do not already have it. You will then need to register the KML file with Google Earth using the "Add->Network Link..." menu item (or clicking on it may load Google Earth with it already registered for you)